3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Time-management

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Time-management

University is an extremely busy time. Trying to balance deadlines, a decent social life, healthy living, work commitments and a good dose of Netflix can be challenging, but this doesn’t mean you need to give something up; there are ways you can achieve this! Here I will supply you with three simple changes to ensure you maintain that GPA and a killer social life.

1. Grab a nice Watch

Watches aid time management on an hourly basis. Watches are the easiest way to look and feel like you have yourself together when really you have 5 due dates and 3 exams all in the same week and just want a good 8 hours sleep. A watch is functional, it is the most convenient way of telling the time and making sure you get everywhere on schedule. You may think that with the rise of cell phones watches have lost their purpose, but the beauty of a watch is when you look at it for the time and you won’t get side-tracked by all of those social media notifications. Another reason to get a nice watch is that it can be a simple but elegant fashion statement and when you look good you feel good and that is when you are at your most productive.

2. Invest in a Diary

Diaries aid time management on a daily basis. This is a simple change that will make all the difference. A diary facilitates great time management habits. It allows you to keep track of your deadlines and know exactly when you can say yes to a night out. A diary also facilitates you to get creative and helps relieve stress as you can form comprehensive study guides that are visually satisfying as well! Investing in a quality diary is something to think about, as you want the diary to fit your needs so you actually use it. Key things to look for in a diary as a student are: A5 size, a full year planner with day slots, individual day or week planners, public holiday dates, notes/blank pages, space to write weekly goals and a design that reflects your personality. You can find quality diaries at many bookstores so shop around and find a diary that best fits you.

3. Goal Setting

Goal setting is a great way to aid your time management on a weekly and yearly basis. Goals keep you accountable, they allow you to engage in a bit of mindful self-reflection and objectively ask yourself if you have been sticking to that schedule you set out in your diary. They can be used to assess your yearly and weekly productivity and show you where you need to improve (your diary and watch can act as the mechanisms for improvement). To ensure you don’t set yourself up for failure you should ensure your goals are SMART. This is that they are: Specific (to something you want to achieve – don’t make goals too broad); Measurable (word your goals in a way you can assess them later to check you are on the right track); Attainable (ensure you can realistically achieve what you are setting put to do); Relevant (make sure that the goal you set is aiming towards something you wholeheartedly want to achieve); and lastly Timely (give yourself a realistic and flexible timeline that has smaller deadlines within it). SMART goals are the best way to goal set as they facilitate your success and keep your morale high as you feel the satisfaction of completing what you set out to achieve. SMART goals are an essential way to managing your time as a student. 

Overall balancing University life and good grades is not always easy. It requires self-management and discipline of your time to ensure you stay on top, but a watch, diary and a few SMART goals help alleviate that pressure. If you endeavor to achieve you need to make the most of your time and plan ahead; keeping track on an hourly, daily and weekly basis with these 3 tools will ensure that in no time you will be an A student who still parties on a Saturday night.

Kezia Purdie - Kimera Ambassador