3 Travel Tips and Tricks for Uni Students

3 Travel Tips and Tricks for Uni Students

Hey, I’m going to share with you my best 3 travel tricks and tips that I have learnt whilst being at Uni!

Travel is known to be expensive but there are definitely some tips to making it significantly cheaper to fit that student budget we all have! The first thing you have to do is save a bit; a good tip for this is getting a separate bank account and transfer some money when you get paid/loan/allowance and then DON’T touch it and the rest below will fall into place for you….

  1. NEVER pay full price for anything, especially tourist attractions! Whether you’re booking it online or paying in person there are always discount codes or deals going on somewhere, you just have to find them. This is a perfect way to procrastinate all that study, sometimes it takes a quick google to find a code or pick up the A-Z books at the airport, search Grabone or 1day, even a StudentCard will save you heaps while traveling. You could even compare different websites, there’s always a better deal out there!
  2. Hotels are a no go, usually super expensive and not worth it if it’s only a bed for the night. Always check other options, like motels or backpackers! However, if that’s not your thing, head over to Airbnb and look for some options there. 9 times out of 10 you’ll get a better deal for less than the price of a Hotel!
  3. Make food, don’t buy out when you can avoid it. You will save so much by just popping into the supermarket to get a few things rather than going out for every meal, and this way you will have way more money to spend on adventures and other memories that will last a bit longer than a meal in a café or a restaurant!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and tricks, if you’re bank account is only looking like you can visit the neighbor's house then you should definitely start putting away a few dollars here and there for an adventure!

Good luck

Love Nickyy xxx
Kimera Ambassador