4 Money-Saving Hacks for Students

4 Money-Saving Hacks for Students


As students, we often fall upon tough times. Student allowances and part-time jobs are often not enough to cover bills, rent, food, travel and most importantly fun! This means we often miss out on something, whether that be a party on the weekend, nutritional food or even rent. So, money-saving hacks are essential to ensure we get the majority of what we need for the smallest cost. The following 4 hacks are what I use to keep my wallet heavier.



Samples are a great and simple way to get a better-quality product for a smaller cost or even for free. This hack is especially helpful when it comes to beauty products. Brands such as Estée Lauder give retailers sample pots to fill with that foundation you love but can’t afford if you just ask for a free sample! So, if you are dying to get your hands back on that hair product Mum used to buy or that perfume you dream of, just ask for a sample and have a small amount for free.


Fruit and Vegetables

Eating healthy at University is difficult and the lack of it can often mean weight gain while studying. Making sure you can access cheap fruit and vegetables is the perfect way to ensure you can avoid the freshman-five. Two key ways to do this are to buy in-season and buy local – you can achieve this by shopping at your local weekend market or fruit and vegetable shop. Shopping at these places and doing your research as to what is plentiful and cheap in the shops will ensure you get a nutritionally balanced meal for less.

Buying Bulk

The best way to save, especially on food, is to buy in bulk. Buying from bulk stores, online deal sites and stocking up on items when they come on special is a great way to save. If you for instance only need one chicken breast but they are really cheap at your local supermarket, buy a large packet and freeze them in individual zip-lock bags for multiple meals on a budget for the weeks to come. Buying other items such as grains, nuts and self-care products online and from bulk stores is also the perfect way to save.  

Be Prepared for Your Day

The costs of coffees and café food at University can quickly add up so being prepared for your day will save you immensely. There are three key ways to achieve this: pack your lunch, pack a reusable water bottle and pack a reusable coffee cup. If you must have your coffee fix, a reusable cup will save you around fifty cents per coffee at most cafés but an even further saving can be found by bringing your own cup and sachet coffee to prepare at University. Along with a water bottle and packed lunch, these choices are not only healthier for your wallet, but the environment and your body too.

These 4 tips are simple ways you can save as a student at University. Preparation, shopping smart and asking for samples can all go a long way in ensuring your wallet is heavy and your landlord is happy, and you can still party.


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