5 Practical Tips To Get Your Life Together In University

5 Practical Tips To Get Your Life Together In University

Getting inspired by some random quotes written in a toilet at the University of Auckland (February 2018)

I am glad that you clicked on this post which means we all share the same problems and we are eager to tackle them. I know university can be quite tough and I have spent a bit of time to figure out what I want to achieve.

Here are some tips that I found useful to motivate me throughout the year!

1) Putting effort into your time management

We all know time management is important and some of us fail to do it. By exploring different methods to study and finding the best way to understand the material, can save us a lot of time. Active learning such as structuring your notes with related ideas and making cue cards work best for me. Try to study smart but not hard. Also, it is super important that you balance your studies as well as your fun time. Try to manage your time and have a nice coffee catch up with a friend or attend a Crossfit class in the gym.

2) Project who you want to be

Sometimes it can be quite a struggle to figure out what we want to do after our degree. Maybe try to project yourself as whom you want to be after five years? Wanna be teaching assistant at the university? Wanna open your own business? Pull out your pen and paper and set up realistic and practical goals to be able to achieve your ideal self. The excitement and the motivation of taking little steps to become better, has kept me going through university. Your attitude determines your actions, your actions determine your habits, and your habits change you as a whole. Being patient to progress through time can push you to massive success.

3) Get involved in clubs or volunteer programs

It could be a step up from high school to university and from university to work. To be able to be well equipped for the dream job you want, communication, being able to take responsibility and teamwork are the main qualities that I found most companies look for in a candidate. The easiest way to practice these skills is to get involved in clubs in university or volunteer for community activities and/or at a company. At least you can prove to your employers that you are productive and can manage your time.

4) Realising not everyone is gonna like you

Making friends in a university can be quite challenging, especially when you are an introvert. Be open to making friends, people who usually share the same interests and values will stay together. If you want to find friends who hit the gym, go to the gym more often! Just be yourself and focus on what you want to become and eventually you will find your own squad!

5) It is okay to ask for help

University can be quite confusing, and we might feel lost sometimes. Again attitude is important to help us overcome obstacles and build our confidence. Universities often provide regular workshops and support for any difficulties. Do not hesitate to seek help and you will soon find out you are not alone.

The points I mentioned above work for me, but may not work for you! It is very important that you stay open and curious about your interests. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and I wish you all the best for this year :D good luck!

Jazmine - Kimera Ambassador