Easing Into a Good University Routine

Easing Into a Good University Routine

Summer rendezvous, spontaneous adventures, late nights and good memories and so much more. These are some of the things that have become part of our everyday lives for they are often what summer constitutes. Unless you’re like me and you spent the summer working to financially set yourself up for the university year.. ahh the adult life is such fun. 

Regardless of how you spent your summer, we are reaching the point in time where we have to begin preparation for the university year ahead of us. And one thing that can be difficult to navigate is the best way to approach the year ahead and make sure we start it off right and well! Whether you are a first year student or a seasoned pro, getting into a good university routine can be hard!

Although firstly, before we get into tips on easing into a good routine for university; if you are a first year student, then O-Week is fast approaching! I’m sure many of you are filled with a mixture of excitement and nerves which is completely normal. My advice would be to get involved with everything you can, especially the free things! You’re only going to experience your very first O-Week once in your life so make sure to make the most of it. Even if you’re not an extremely social person, this is just one week of your year that you can try something new, make some new memories and connect with new people! Which trust me is so important at university. And then after that week, you can go back to being your usual self, avoiding people, eating food and watching Netflix like I do! ;) If you go out and give O-Week your all, you may just surprise yourself. O-Week isn’t just limited to boozing it up :)

Here are a few of my tips for starting a good routine for the university year. I believe you should always give yourself a week or so in advance to start settling into a new routine. that way you still have time to remedy your own self-destruction!

Establish a Good Sleeping Schedule

It is so hard not to fall into a bad sleeping schedule, especially at university but endless late nights can really begin to wear down your body! It is recommended that you get 7-9 hours sleep to remain healthy, I personally just aim for 7 J Also early to bed and early to rise can do wonders for your wellbeing and state of mind! Trust me this is coming from a complete night owl who completely changed her sleeping schedule up.  If you’re like me and struggle to sleep, I make sure to exhaust myself during the day so that I can sleep well during the night and then wake up feeling refreshed... or at least wake up with enough energy to get some coffee down my throat ;)

 Get Organised!

Organising your life and creating to-do lists and/or a calendar of the semester ahead and jotting down due dates (most of which you can access at the beginning of the semester or even before) can really make a world of difference in your uni lifestyle. It allows you to plan out times for when you really need to sit down and study yet it also allows you to see when you have free time to let loose and burn off steam! Whether it’s going out to town, seeing a movie or treating yourself to a shopping spree at Kmart. Organisation helps you create the balance that a chaotic university life can rain down upon you, allowing you to keep on top of your studies yet also allowing for a good time too. Planning ahead helps you tackle any unexpected obstacles that may pop up!

Daily Rituals

Having some daily rituals can really help provide a sense of stability and normalcy in what can sometimes be a hectic uni schedule. Morning rituals are also great for helping you get up in the morning and quickly become automatic which is perfect if you’re like me and struggle to think straight or function in the morning! One of my morning rituals involves getting changed and ready with things I set out the night before (makes life so much easier) and then prepping a breakfast smoothie every morning with my brekkie which I then enjoy for morning tea! I do this in the same order every weekday and it makes life so much easier have a set ritual to do every morning. Plus having a morning tea that’s perfect to take on the go to uni is an added bonus! Check out Kmart for a super cheap drink bottle blender, only cost me $15!


Budgeting the year ahead can save you a lot of stress and it allows you to find the money to treat yourself! Having a set budget helps control overspending tendencies if you’re like me, it also prepares you for any unexpected costs like an ambulance bill… don’t go to initiations kids! Make sure to budget in money to treat yourself here and there too because honestly you deserve it. Also, there are plenty of ways to eat cheaply yet not have to resort to just 2 minute noodles! The internet is filled with hundreds of cheap recipes targeted at those on small budgets, so make use of them! My personal favourite food staple to use is eggs! They’re not too expensive and super easy to come up with many yummy variations! In my 1st year of university, I could easily get my weekly shop for breakfast, lunch, and snacks down to $30/$25 or less! I could have shrunk it even more if I wasn’t such a snack fiend.



And lastly, make sure to try some new things! University is all about new experiences so make sure to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and make the most of it. It’s a great way to make new friends and connect with new people which is always important and never a bad thing. Good luck for the university year ahead, study hard but don’t forget to treat yourself too and have a good time!

Mary-Rose - Kimera Ambassador