Kimera brings you GO CUBES

Kimera brings you GO CUBES

Hey, everyone!  

Kimera is excited to bring you Go CUBES this May! We’ve partnered up with Nootrobox this month to bring you GO CUBES! GO CUBES combine the kick of coffee with the relaxation of green tea. The coolest part? It’s chewable! A single cube packs the punch of half a cup of coffee with added nootropics enhancing the experience to give you a well-rounded, steady and focused feel.  

GO CUBES are made with cold-brew coffee and premium ingredients to craft a unique taste, texture, and experience. GO CUBES are made with a pectin base, for a gummy with perfect texture and mouthfeel. The components in GO CUBES are selected for their immediate cognitive effects, specifically for their effects on alertness, focus, memory, and reaction time. GO CUBES are vegan, gluten-free and allergen-free.  

Looking to ace your midterms? Push 10,000 lines of code? Stay extra crispy for poker night? Climb Mt. Everest? Be the first human on Mars? GO CUBES have your back. Keen to try out the GO CUBES experience? Subscribe to the May Kimera featuring GO CUBES and a selection of other goodies today to get your fix!  

Expect the unexpected and order now!

Team Kimera