Self Care.

Self Care.


I think self-care is becoming a more prominent topic to talk about and I for one have slowly realised the importance of it as part of your day-to-day lifestyle. It seems these days life is at an impossible place with juggling uni, work, the gym and a social life as well as putting aside for things like family and friends. With such busy lives we lead, sometimes we tend to put ourselves last or forget to give ourselves some self-care. 

Self-care is very different for different people but I want to explore a few ways I know that work so maybe you could try some of them. Sometimes you have to try lots of different things to find out what works for you for, but once you find your outlet life becomes easier to hack after tough times!


Obviously, a very cliché way to start I realise, but yoga has many proven benefits. Not only is it great for the body, but yoga is good for calming the mind as well. The flexibility aspect of yoga seems to do wonders for calming and slowing things down. You don’t have to join an expensive yoga class, there are plenty of classes/mediation recordings on Youtube.


Exercise is very broad so it could be a walk along the waterfront, a run in the rain or a HIT class it is what feels good for you! It’s really about trying many things and hey the first few might not work but once you find something that works for, gives you a release or helps soothe this busy lifestyle many of us tend to lead. 


Technology Free

A long hot bath, add in a few Epsom salts and you’ve got a nice relaxing space. I feel it’s important to not have any technology with you during these sorts of times, so you are able to fully switch off from the world. Or grab a mate and do something as simple as going for a walk or catching up for a coffee or smoothie. Try not to take your phone when you go, you may be amazed by how the conversation and interaction flow when you’re not being interrupted by a ding or call. I know how hard it can be leaving to go somewhere without your phone as most of the time it is an extended part of our hands but hey you might enjoy being without your phone for a few hours.


Retail Therapy 

A few new pieces to add to the collection can be a good way to clear the mind and bring out your inner fashionista. Material things aren’t everything and we all understand that however sometimes a new candle or skirt is what is needed just to lift your mood a bit!



I am a strong believer in vitamins, just as sometimes we don’t get all the nutrients we need from the right foods! Some starters are fish oil, magnesium and of course vitamin C. Fish oil is good for the brain and is filled with omega-3 and fatty acids! Magnesium is good for healthy sleep and well as anxiety and migraines. While vitamin c helps against immune deficiencies.


I hope that you are able to look good AND feel good during all the stresses of life. Take some time out for yourself! 

Nickyy xx

Kimera Ambassador