Self-Care Made Easy

Self-Care Made Easy

Looking after and caring for yourself seems like such an easy concept yet often many of us struggle to incorporate little acts of self-care into our daily lives. As university students, we are often under a lot of strain and as stress levels are rising our levels of self-care can often be falling. Below I am going to include some easy methods of self-care that you can incorporate into your daily lives.


Often amongst the hustle and bustle of university life, we can forget to take moments to just pause and take a deep breath. Breathing techniques can be applied to many situations in life and can provide a world of benefit when one is stressed or anxious. A personal favourite is the box breathing technique. Using the count of 3 and visualisation, breath in creating the side of the box, hold your breath creating the top of the box, breath out creating the other side of the box and then pause for the bottom of the box and then repeat.

Candlelight and Relaxation

When your mind and body are both under strain, simple acts such as lighting a few candles and/or having a bath can be just the treat you need. Candles that waft out a scent you enjoy are great at aiding relaxation and adding a hot bath to the mix is always a great combination. Warm baths are a good way to treat any general wear and tear your body is feeling. Add some bubble bath or a bath bomb for an extra treat. Kmart sells yummy smelling candles for as little as 75c and bath bombs $3. If you’re feeling extra exuberant I would recommend investing in bath bombs from lush as they smell divine and look so pretty in the water!

Exercise and being one with nature

Exercise is known for being an effective cure for many things and is also a great way to clear your mind. The best thing is that you can cater the exercise to suit your interest and abilities. Whether it’s running, swimming, hitting the gym or even something such as pole-fit… getting out there and exercising can do your mind and body a world of good. If being super active isn’t your thing, being amongst nature is always another great way to clear your mind and you can incorporate exercise too through simply going for nature walks.


If you’re finding yourself a little busy or short for time but need something to help you relax and grant you peace of mind, music is always a good go to.  Creating a playlist of songs that help you relax and make you happy is such a quick and easy way to care for yourself. It can provide that little boost you need and is accessible on the go. Just plug some buds in wherever you are and whatever you’re doing and you can have that instant hit of familiarity and comfort.


I think one of the most important things when it comes to self-care is acceptance. Accepting the fact that it’s okay not to be okay and it is just equally as okay to do things for yourself in order to care for your wellbeing and help improve how you are feeling. Treating yourself to things (food, clothes, experiences etc.) when you need a pick-me-up and not feeling any guilt about it! Sometimes it’s important to do things purely for yourself when the self you are living with isn’t happy and needs a boost. Everything is fine in moderation!

There are so many other forms of self-care available and what works best is entirely dependent on the individual and their own interests. Whether it’s writing out your feelings or calling a friend or any of the above it’s important to remember that caring for yourself is just as important as caring for others. Whether it’s using some of the above techniques or coming up with your own, make sure to incorporate some form of self-care into your life!

Mary-Rose - Kimera Ambassador