Just some lazy Uni students looking for a way to make life easier. Kimera is a play on the word chimera which is a word to describe a mix of genetic material that make up an organism, or in this case a mix of items that make up a box designed for students by students.

The box is a subscription/gift package which contains food, drinks, novelty items, stationary, games, makeup/cosmetics and some seriously cool items that will surprise and delight.

Kimera provides the buyer be it a student or a parent, convenience and affordability and acts as an overall treat as it is jammed packed with useful items worth more than what they paid for.

Carefully handpicked by students, the content of each box is designed to meet the needs and wants of students. The versatility of the items however also ensures that the box will be perfect for anyone, whether you want to treat yourself or as a gift!

The era of Kimera is here, indulge yourself in the surprise and delight of opening your very own Kimera today.