We endeavour to partner with unique, fun companies and brands with heart.

As we are all about the surprise, we will reveal our partners after the initial Kimera surprise packages have been delivered.

Please visit our partners to learn their inspiring stories and enjoy more of their incredible products.

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Our Partners

Move 2 Eco

At move 2 eco we want to encourage people to move over to more
sustainable, eco-friendly, non-chemical alternatives to replace some of their everyday items. As we are passionate about our planet we believe that every household should have the option of choosing more environmental products because "every little change makes a difference"!


Aussielent is the product of our mission to bring a nutrient rich, hassle free food to the time-poor. With a whole lot of science and a little magic, we’ve packed the nutrition of a supermeal into one easy-prep drink, with the perfect balance of everything your body needs.


Taste HQ

Taste HQ's mission is to increase the selection of snacking products available to the market that provides healthy alternatives and international flavours through a passion for healthy balanced living and broadening customer horizons

Qi Teas

Grown at altitude and prepared according to age old tradition under the guidance of renowned grand Tea Master, Chen Qi Quen, Qi Teas maintain their natural sweetness and high levels of antioxidants.

Red Bull

Red Bull Energy Drink is a functional beverage providing various benefits. Its effects are recognized throughout the world by top athletes, busy professionals, college students and travelers

Sock Off Socks

It all started with a vision to bring colour and inspiration to you! No matter your career choice or lifestyle you can always get creative and spice up your outfit. With Sock Off Socks we are dedicated to bringing you relevant and bright colours to add to any outfit with our products.


I Love Food Co.

Here at I Love Food Co we want to create delicious food, food that we can be proud of, real food with great quality ingredients that we are happy to give our own family and friends. Our food is made like you would at home - with ingredients that you would find in your pantry. We use only the best quality ingredients!

Tika Chips

The Tika Artesan Chips are made from exotic vegetables and they are 100% real and completely natural. Through our line of delicious products, we want to contribute to the preservation of plant varieties, part of the biological heritage of our land, and promote the work of small farmers who proudly work to rescue these hidden treasures.

Nudi Point

Our mission is to merge knowledge from nature and science in a unified manner to provide a skin care range, free from harmful chemicals, with environmentally friendly practices, that are benfecial to the mind, body & soul.

Skye Candle & Body Care

Skye Candle and Body Care makes natural candles and body care products. The enticing scent of our candles and quality of our body care products, is guaranteed to have customers coming back for more.


Six Barrel Soda Co.

Our bottled soda range is perfect for cafes, bars or restaurants looking for a premium offering. The range is cola six, cherry & pomegranate, lemonade, ginger ale, raspberry & lemon, salted cucumber & mint (sugar free). Check our web store for more info on these drinks


CaliWoods exists because we believe there’s a better way to do things. We aren’t perfect, but we are working hard to make a sustainable life easier and exciting through awesome eco products, fresh ideas and motivating information.

Sunny Hill

Not all kumara chips are created equal. Sunny Hill stands for Less Fat, More Goodness. It’s much healthier. Available at Countdown, New World, Pak’nSave and selected retail outlets.

Harpoon Cold Brew

Harpoon Cold Brew Coffee is straight black coffee, brewed slowly over time for a smooth and refreshing flavour with no sugar and nothing artificial. Clean caffeine.

Proper Crisps

At Proper Crisps we know you deserve real food. You shouldn’t have to settle for over-processed, artificially flavoured potato chips, you’re worthy of crisps without compromise! And that’s exactly what we deliver at Proper Crisps. Founded in 2007, our current owners Ned and Mina became the Head Potatoes in 2010.

Revvies Energy Strips

Revvies Energy Strips are an ultra-thin caffeinated mouth strip that dissolves on your tongue in 30-40 seconds and work fast, no chewing required. Caffeine has been shown to help improve mental performance and enhance memory during study. Each strip contains 40mg of caffeine, are sugar free and gluten free.

The Baron

ABE’S are dedicated to delivering genuine bagels and Bagel Crisps. All ABE’S products are free of artificial preservatives, flavours and colours, and contain no genetically modified ingredients. In addition, ABE’S is committed to being a sustainable operator; they are certified to Enviro-Mark NZ Platinum level and working towards a zero-waste policy.

DCA Supplements

DCA Supplements is a kiwi owned company who began in 2014. Their goal initially was to serve students looking to study for exams with their first product – Wired, they have since expanded and are helping people to achieve their fitness goals with Core+. All their products are proudly made in New Zealand and meticulously researched.

Justine's Cookies

Justine’s is a baked health food company that prides itself making people feel good with protein-rich products. We place a strong emphasis on guilt-free indulgence, offering a one-stop shop for your health needs. So, what are you waiting for? Fuel yourself to be the best you with Justine’s, today!

The Baron

The Baron is all about bringing you 100% natural premium snacks. Our new snack tub range includes a mix of premium nut products along with our exciting new Crispy Corn Nibbles. Our goodies are free from artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, mostly gluten-free and contain no MSG.

Red Seal

Red Seal’s range of fruit teas not only taste amazing, they can be made hot or cold. If you fancy a change on warmer days, just add the teabag to a glass of tap water. To dress it up, add ice and some fruit for a lovely iced tea. It also works well to flavour water in your drink bottle. Watch out for them in a store near you!

Career Matters

Career Matters provides powerful career coaching for high school and tertiary students across New Zealand, using a proven and comprehensive personality questionnaire and 1:1 coaching with student and parents. So use an expert to help you find out where YOU can make a difference in the world of work.


Nootrobox manufactures nootropics and other cognitive enhancement products. GO CUBES add true innovation to the energy category, creating a brand new delivery method for your caffeine fix. They combine the kick of coffee with the relaxation of green tea, and it’s spill-proof!

Petes Lemonade

Pete’s Natural Lemonades offer all-natural artisan drinks made with 100 percent New Zealand grown fruit. Pete’s Natural Lemonades are passionate about keeping things simple, and above all, about keeping it New Zealand made, in order to produce artisan lemonades made the traditional way.


Indomie noodles are made from carefully selected ingredients, the best quality flour and fresh spices from the natural resources of Indonesia giving it a unique and delicious taste.



The Green Seed

The idea of The Green Seed was born in July 2014 in a family kitchen. Oxana and Steven, the founders, noticed that it was a struggle to find delicious snacks with a simple ingredient list. The name of The Green Seed is inspired by the idea that every life starts from seed: either vegetables, animals or people.

Infinite Creations

There are many unique and innovative products from all over the world that are not readily available in New Zealand. Infinite Creations sets out to find a way to unleash and provide these within the market. We endeavor to make New Zealand just as easy to access unique products as the rest of the world for young and innovative businesses.

Sweet As Popcorn

Sweet As Popcorn is a rapidly growing New Zealand Popcorn producer. From humble beginnings Sweet As Popcorn now offers five different flavours: Sweet & Salty, Caramel, Sea Salt, Butter Max and Salt & Vinegar. Everyone is talking about our gourmet popcorn as a delicious and healthy snack. All of our popcorn is Gluten and Dairy Free.

Zestel Energy Gum

Zestél has developed a heathier way to kick start your day so you can make the most of every moment. It’s a great tasting, great value, fast absorbing energy boost that you can chew whenever, wherever you need it – and it’s sugar free! One piece of Zestel ENERGY GUM contains 20 milligrams of caffeine.